Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh man...

I have so many posts to catch up on. I actually have drafts for over five posts and just need to finish them. More soon about my trip home to Iowa with Jo, shibori, our move, an acting class I took, and more fun.

I've been doing lots of sewing lately. Trying out new patterns (R&D) and making clothes for Jo. I'll leave you with this picture of Jo in one of her new tops. Her face just cracks me up.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Gross?!?! Part 8

There's no doubt about this one, guys. We had a dog poop in the back of my car yesterday. It was totally gross. 

The good news is that today after getting it detailed, my car hasn't been this clean since we bought it. #winning

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stink Eye

Jo head-butted me last week. Hard. So hard that it took my breath away. Little monkey. She didn't mean too. She was really excited and just happened to slam the back of her head into my brow bone. It didn't swell or even hurt...until later.

Baby girl didn't want to nap, so I drove us to the fabric store in the burbs. Of course she fell asleep in the car so I sat in the parking lot for a bit while she slept. I went to blow my nose and all of a sudden something popped in my head and I couldn't see out of my left eye. What?!? I know. Weird, right?

I looked in the mirror and my eye was super swollen and puffy. It looked like there was a little intertube of air in my eye crease. I freaked out. Called Nick. Called my eye doctor. Didn't cry.

My eye doctor said that it was possible I had broken an orbital bone and air from my sinuses snuck into my eye socket. I needed to talk with and see an opthamologist. She couldn't see me until the next morning, but didn't think it was an emergency. I was only slightly relieved. (Turns out nothing was broken).

In the meantime I didn't want to drive home so asked Nick to come early from work and pick us up. I mean, I was only seeing out of one eye. One time I played volleyball in highschool with one contact in. Needless to say my depth perception was slightly off so there was no way I was going to drive on the highway pirate-style with a baby in my car.

While we waited for Nick we bought a little fabric and watched a little Yo Gabba on the iPad. Nick arrived, drove us home, and I started to ice my eye.
It didn't look great the next day. Did I mention I had a callback audition for a commercial? They asked if I was allergic to something. I explained that my toddler head-butted me.
At least it wasn't black and blue...I guess.

One week later and I'm back to normal, which is great since I was slightly worried that I would look like that for the rest of my life. I'm told this is the first of many child-inflicted (although accidental) injuries.