Thursday, May 31, 2012


I may have a problem with buying fabric. I can't stop. I keep finding lovely little patterns that I must have. Like this one by Creative Thursday (part of their brand new Ric Rac Rabbits Collection):

Have I mentioned that I love Hawthorne Threads? It's a small little online fabric store with super cute stuff. One really cool thing about Hawthorne is they have a section for each fabric where people can upload listings of handmade items using that specific fabric. It's perfect for those of us on Etsy and a fun way to see what other folks are making.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seersucker for girls!

Apparently Jo wasn't very happy about modeling my new seersucker dress for LillaBarn yesterday.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

She don't care

Yes, we have hopped on the honey badger wagon. Jo is our little honey badger. She don't care. She don't give a s%*&!

I saw this patch in the Oksmalls shop on Etsy and had to have it. I will be making our little honey badger a cute little bag that will have this cute little honey badger patch on it. She better love it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It changes everything and it changes nothing.

Our good family friend and officiant at our wedding, Jorge, had a birthday party this weekend. Jorge and his wife Beth have a 7 year old, Hank. Actually, he's now 7 and a 1/2. Sorry about that. We get much needed baby advice from them on a regular basis. Jorge and I were talking about how crazy life with a baby is and he said this, "Having a baby changes everything and it changes nothing."

It makes sense. There are times when I feel I am a completely different person now that Jo is in our lives.  My priorities have completely shifted. My family is number 1. Hands down. I'm exhausted all the time and it's a good day if I get my face washed and teeth brushed. Yep. Still.

Then there are the times when it feels like I am exactly the same person as I was before, but now I just have a baby. It's always been important to me to have multiple creative projects going at once. I need to have a creative outlet or I go crazy. I'm also the kind of person who needs a lot of alone time. Lots of quiet alone time. I had one hour to myself yesterday before rehearsal. Beth and Jorge were gracious enough to take Jo until Nick could get home from work. I didn't have to do anything. I just sat on the couch. It was Heaven. Seriously. 

I guess this is just how things will be moving forward. I'm an artist/actor/mama/wife/woman/worker. That's a fine balance. So yeah, I'm the same. And different. But it's all good.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Wrap Dress: the perfect post-partum garment

Ugh, I've mentioned before how I struggle with dressing my post-baby body. Now that summer is on the way I'm scrambling to find clothes in my closet that fit the way I'd like them to -- not a super fun thing. So I've decided to name this summer "The Summer of Dresses."

I loved dresses before Baby Jo, but now, dresses are even better. They can hide all of the icky muffin-top that I hate and make me feel pretty at the same time -- especially wrap dresses. Wrap dresses must have been a gift from the post-partum gods. You can adjust the waist to hit at your smallest part, the v-neck is flattering (even for bigger busts), and they're usually made of super-soft forgiving jersey material. If you're nursing it's also easy to pull aside the front in order to feed your babe.

Wanna know a secret? You don't have to have had a baby to wear a wrap dress either. They look great on all of us!

Here are a few of my faves:

Gemma wrap dress
surplus wrap sheath dress
New Julian Two Dress
In fact, check out the DVF Wrap Dress Shop here. Gah! I'm in love.

Friday, May 18, 2012

A few more pics from the roadtrip

Here's a few more pics that I had on my camera.

Scenic pull-off
My holy husband and daughter
At Grandma's
Heading down to Grandma's dock
Grandma is buff
She wanted to jump in

Thursday, May 17, 2012

#roadtripwithbaby recap

For those of you not following along last week, don't you worry. Here's a photo recap of our Southern road trip.

Driving through Indiana
First nap of the 11 hour drive
A foot is a great toy
Reading about how I can help Jo sleep better
Nick packed lunches. He's the best.
Party in the back seat
Jo really wanted to help drive
We made it to our cabin in Bryson City
Extremely happy to be out of the car

Jo was such a trooper!
Good morning! Notice the McDreamy hair...

Nick likes grits. Jo did not.
Just getting ready to hike in the Smokies

Nantahala Brewing - Nick was in heaven. Also very kid friendly.
Jo really wanted to watch the Bulls game

I've always wondered where the term "growler" came from
Sleepy girl

Honey badger don't care about naps
Lazy morning getting ready to head to Asheville

BBQ for lunch!!!
Apparently there is always a line at 12 Bones

Pulled pork is my fave
Just chillin' at the Thirsty Monk

Nick heard that it's the best beer bar in Asheville
Waiting for the food at Rosetta's Kitchen

We felt we had to balance out the bbq lunch with vegan peanut tofu and kale
Sunny Point Cafe has their own garden

Jo couldn't decide what to order

When I just wake up and don't want to talk to anyone, Nick calls that my sleep bubble. Jo has the same thing.
Happy to be with friends in Mooresville

Lazy butt
On the road to see Grandma Marilyn. Jo was so excited!

We made it! Grandma Marilyn couldn't wait to meet Jo.
They just love each other

Prezzies from Great-grandma Marilyn. Can you find Jo?
Nick as a baby. Jo totally has his smile and cheeks. She also gets the ear-grab from him too.

Everyone goes to IHOP for breakfast
We went to the outlet mall. We all got something. I scored these shoes.

Matching stripes
We played UpWords. I won, of course.

She does this to herself. Puts the blanket over her face and makes a weird heavy breathing sound. She loves it.
Beautiful day for a walk

Grandma's boat. Nick went for a row.
Then he went for a swim

Then he had a beer on the porch
Company came over for dinner and just loved Jo

We made sure to bring our own coffee...

Three generations
Saying goodbye

Back in the saddle again
We ate these on every road trip when I was a kid

We played with our food. My sister and I also played with gummi trolls, named them Chucky & Biff, and bit their heads off.
I was so bored. I just took a bunch of pics of Jo. She loves this brush. She chews on it and I call it "brushing her teeth."

Back in my favorite city! Hooray!