Monday, November 26, 2012

Celebrating Cyber Monday!

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Sick baby = sick mama

Jo got her first cold last week. Gross. Plus a fever. She's been sick before, but not with anything like this. The only good thing about it was that she wanted lots of snuggles and kisses, which means I'm sick now too.

How did we get through it? Well, lots of rest. We were lucky to be around family for Thanksgiving and they helped take care of both of us.

Also, Jo has been nursing a lot. Almost all day and night on the really rough days. It helps keep her hydrated and, of course, is super comforting. Nursing a sniffling baby is definitely interesting, but I've learned to keep a tissue or rag handy to wipe up the snot.

We've also started putting a baby bandana on Jo every day she's sick. It keeps her neck warm and can also be used as a snot rag.

Note: I wrote this post on Monday. Then Jo got something that resembled the flu and Nick came down with the plague. I'm still healthy, just tired. Fingers crossed. I wish moms could take sick days.

Gearing up for the holidays!

Ok, now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm getting the Etsy shop in gear for the gift-giving season! It's time to crank out ninja pants and whip up baby bandanas and kimono tops. I'll be making lots of everything! We love to do custom orders as well, so just shout if you want something special*.

*just a tiny bit of shameless self-promotion

Monday, November 19, 2012


I finally organized my fabric in my office/studio and sorted everything by color. I actually found a few things that I had totally forgotten about. Surprise!
Now I'm on the hunt for a thread/bobbin holder that isn't huge so I can keep my spools and bobbins color coded. Here's how I'm storing them now. It's certainly colorful -- just the way I like it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Nursing Jewelry Wishlist

Jo has been doing this thing lately where she pulls at my hair and scratches my neck when she nurses, which is especially annoying if I'm putting her to sleep or I'm trying to sleep as well.

What to do? Well, I've tried to put my hair up, but then she just pulls it out of the ponytail and that hurts. I'm not cutting my hair. I try to hold her little hand, but she hates that. I think it's time to try some nursing jewelry.

Here's what is on my list so far (also throwing a little Etsy love out there):

KangarooCare on Etsy
MarineParents on Etsy
Koukko on Etsy (This store is Finnish!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This made my day

If you didn't know already, my mama, sister, and I started an Etsy store about a year ago. It's called Lilla Barn (which means little child in Swedish). We make super cool things for mamas and kids. It's great fun. Really. Our growth on Etsy has been slow, but steady. Each month we get more and more purchases, which is super fabulous. 

We've taken care to make every detail matter -- from our logo to our product photos to the craftsmanship we put into each item including how we package and send things.

Today I got this message from a customer in Europe:
My order arrived this morning. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Thank you so much, seriously. I'm not an expert in sewing but the pants (both) are very well made. The fabric is excellent quality so it will hold many washes to came with a VERY active 8 month old.  
I'm no expert, but I notice the details: The eco-friendly biodegradable package; the pants came carefully (and lovely) wrapped in purple smooth paper like you meant it to be a gift to your customers! 
If this is your dream, seriously in reality you make things that are full of care and love. Thank you again for sharing your talent, creativity and good quality materials with all of us. See you soon (I promise).
I smiled as soon as I read it. It was a pretty big smile. I'm having so much fun with Lilla Barn that I don't really need validation to keep going, but damn, it felt good.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food Fun

Jo is in full feeding-herself mode. I think a lot of it has to do with her new (new to us) highchair. It's white and cute and used and we love it. It also folds/unfolds into a desk for her when she's a bit older -- kind of like a Transformer. A baby Transformer. That transforms into a desk not a car. And it doesn't talk.

Anyway, she really likes the foot rest for her little tootsies.
Zucchini and macaroni and cheese are her current food faves. This kid can chow down steamed zucchini like you wouldn't believe. And macaroni and cheese is like crack for babies. She stuffs it in her mouth like she hasn't eaten for days.

She won't eat anything that resembles meat (or fake meat), but we're not too worried about that. She's getting protein from dairy, eggs, and of course, breast milk.

Now that we need baby eating utensils, I've been on the prowl. Here are a few fun pieces that I've found.

Farmyard friends | Master silverplate
Reed & Barton has a great range of basics in silver, silver plated, and stainless steel.

Arne Jacobsen cutlery set for Georg Jensen
Georg Jensen is a Scandinavian company focused on " the simplicity of life, the Nordic light, clean water, and fresh air." Yes, please.