Monday, November 26, 2012

Sick baby = sick mama

Jo got her first cold last week. Gross. Plus a fever. She's been sick before, but not with anything like this. The only good thing about it was that she wanted lots of snuggles and kisses, which means I'm sick now too.

How did we get through it? Well, lots of rest. We were lucky to be around family for Thanksgiving and they helped take care of both of us.

Also, Jo has been nursing a lot. Almost all day and night on the really rough days. It helps keep her hydrated and, of course, is super comforting. Nursing a sniffling baby is definitely interesting, but I've learned to keep a tissue or rag handy to wipe up the snot.

We've also started putting a baby bandana on Jo every day she's sick. It keeps her neck warm and can also be used as a snot rag.

Note: I wrote this post on Monday. Then Jo got something that resembled the flu and Nick came down with the plague. I'm still healthy, just tired. Fingers crossed. I wish moms could take sick days.

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