Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This made my day

If you didn't know already, my mama, sister, and I started an Etsy store about a year ago. It's called Lilla Barn (which means little child in Swedish). We make super cool things for mamas and kids. It's great fun. Really. Our growth on Etsy has been slow, but steady. Each month we get more and more purchases, which is super fabulous. 

We've taken care to make every detail matter -- from our logo to our product photos to the craftsmanship we put into each item including how we package and send things.

Today I got this message from a customer in Europe:
My order arrived this morning. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Thank you so much, seriously. I'm not an expert in sewing but the pants (both) are very well made. The fabric is excellent quality so it will hold many washes to came with a VERY active 8 month old.  
I'm no expert, but I notice the details: The eco-friendly biodegradable package; the pants came carefully (and lovely) wrapped in purple smooth paper like you meant it to be a gift to your customers! 
If this is your dream, seriously in reality you make things that are full of care and love. Thank you again for sharing your talent, creativity and good quality materials with all of us. See you soon (I promise).
I smiled as soon as I read it. It was a pretty big smile. I'm having so much fun with Lilla Barn that I don't really need validation to keep going, but damn, it felt good.


  1. Yayayayayayayaaya! This is so great!

  2. Wow, we are International. Let's keep plugging away! Berg, love the high chair, can't wait to see it transformed.

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  4. Oh my God! I meant every single word. Love, Love the pants. The sewing is so well made that "hurts"! And the serging parts don't scratch him like most of his "big brand" pants ,sitting in the draw. I can't choose a favorite because when one is dirty he wears the other! I found myself washing the pants just for him wear next. And dry quickly on the clothes line.
    When he outgrow them because they are not so skinny in the bottom , will be excelent shorts for summer. To rock in the beach while daddy is Kitesurfing.

    For sure I need to buy more, for my brain sannity!! I need to work not only washing pants ... lol.

    Glad you liked my words, but it's true and I meant every single one. Even with my awfull/negligent english. It's exciting to watch a crawling baby happy. By the way, he LOVES to watch the bunnies! I'll send you a picture soon, I promisse, through Facebook. With he's big smile, I hope...

    Keep going
    Cristina ;-)

    1. Hooray for your happy, crawling baby! I'll keep going. You too!