Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Wrap Dress: the perfect post-partum garment

Ugh, I've mentioned before how I struggle with dressing my post-baby body. Now that summer is on the way I'm scrambling to find clothes in my closet that fit the way I'd like them to -- not a super fun thing. So I've decided to name this summer "The Summer of Dresses."

I loved dresses before Baby Jo, but now, dresses are even better. They can hide all of the icky muffin-top that I hate and make me feel pretty at the same time -- especially wrap dresses. Wrap dresses must have been a gift from the post-partum gods. You can adjust the waist to hit at your smallest part, the v-neck is flattering (even for bigger busts), and they're usually made of super-soft forgiving jersey material. If you're nursing it's also easy to pull aside the front in order to feed your babe.

Wanna know a secret? You don't have to have had a baby to wear a wrap dress either. They look great on all of us!

Here are a few of my faves:

Gemma wrap dress
surplus wrap sheath dress
New Julian Two Dress
In fact, check out the DVF Wrap Dress Shop here. Gah! I'm in love.


  1. I love wrap dresses, and now, pregnant with my 3rd, I forsee them as being essential in my post-partum wardrobe.

    A question though...what size do you buy it in? The size that you are right after the baby is born (hoping it won't be the size you are for very long), or the size you generally are not pregnant?

    ...would like to have some pretty things to get back into soon, but don't want to spend $ on things that I can't wear for too long (just like maternity clothes!)

    1. Congrats on your 3rd! I bought one size up from my normal (non-pregnancy) size. Since you can adjust the waist, it's easy to make it bigger or smaller. I have to wear a tank underneath for coverage, but then it's also easy to nurse.

      Treat yourself to at least one pretty thing so you can feel good for a bit!