Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Mother's Day

It was lovely. Really. Nick, Jo, and I had brunch with Nick's mom and sister. I talked with my mama. We had a low-key day and Nick made me a dinner of my choice.

For quite a while now I've been thinking a lot about my mothering and how it's been influenced by my mama. I am the oldest of four and our mama stayed at home with all of us. She always made us her priority (even though she occasionally forgot us at school -- I promise I'm over that). We were encouraged to be creative and loving. She has always been supportive of us and the choices that we make.

A while ago I asked my mama what she learned from her mama. Here's what she said:
Mom taught by doing.  I'd ask her a question and she'd say that she didn't remember! Ha, how could she not remember something as momentous as a birth of a baby, namely me. I get it now when all of the things I thought I'd never forget, I've forgotten.  Mom taught by always being there for me.  She came to us as soon as she could after each baby was born. She took you and told me to go to sleep. She cooked, cleaned and did whatever she could with you so that I could recuperate.  I would go to the farm ragged and worn down from you babies and again she wouldn't tell me how bad I had looked until she made me eat and sleep and nap and eat some more - enough that my eyes were bright again.  Mom took care of me!  Unspoken love.  She didn't say she loved me or the rest of us like we do today. So, I guess she taught me that she would always be there to help and when we went to the farm she took us under her wing and into the rhythm of her life. The world didn't stop when we went to the farm...we just got caught up in the lovin'.
Right after Jo was born, my mama came to stay with us for a few days. She would come take Jo after a feeding and tell me to sleep. She cooked and cleaned and did whatever she could so that I could recuperate. Whenever she visits us in Chicago or we go visit her she takes care of us. She is selfless. We laugh together and encourage each other in our many adventures. She inspires me to be a great mother to Jo.

My mama and me


  1. I love what Mom said. She is fantastic! And you are a great mama, too! Jo told me so.

  2. I love this too. Bergen, you made sense of what I had to say. Hmm. I seem pretty cool too.