Friday, December 14, 2012

It's kind of a big deal...

Nick took the last final of his MBA last night, so tonight we are celebrating with a beer tasting party at our house. Lucky Baby Jo gets to spend the night with Grandma Jackie. This will be Jo's first night away from both of us. It's kind of a big deal -- for all of us -- including Grandma.

I've put together the list of things to send with Grandma including:

  1. pajamas
  2. change of outfits
  3. bottle
  4. toys
  5. bath stuff
  6. diapers
  7. outlet covers
  8. books
  9. binkies
  10. Daddy Doll
  11. portable crib
  12. snacks
Yes...all of this for one night. Grandma is super excited! We are too, and only a little nervous. Not because we don't trust Nick's mom (we totally do), but I imagine any first-time parent is nervous when their child is away from them for the first time...right? Right? I don't want to be the mom that asks for text message updates tonight and tomorrow...but I'm going to be that mom. 

Nick and I will pick Jo up tomorrow morning. It's going to be so weird. 

Party time!

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  1. Yay for Nick - Now go party party! Jo is going to be in Grandma heaven!