Monday, June 4, 2012

Sleep is for the weak...

Jo is teething hard. I think that's why she's having such a hard time sleeping lately. Sigh.

Due to the fact that she has such a hard time falling asleep, and staying asleep, Nick and I have had to up our game with our sleep-inducing methods.

I've never actually seen Nick perform his routine, but it goes something like this:
  1. Sit in rocking chair with Jo facing you. Her legs have to be straddled otherwise she'll kick. She'll fuss and push away and look around. 
  2. After a few minutes flip her around so she is facing out. 
  3. If she reaches for the crib, raise your arm so she can't reach. 
  4. After a few minutes flip her around again so she is facing you. You know she's on her way when she bangs her forehead into your chest. 
  5. Repeat these two positions until her arms are limp. 
  6. Rock her for a few more minutes and then put her in the crib. 
  7. Place your hand on her chest for at least three minutes before leaving the room. 
  8. Step gingerly on the way out to avoid making the floor creak (that's tricky since our floors are old).
Note: He takes an immense amount of pride in the fact that he can get Jo down without a swaddle OR binky. 

I've tried Nick's method. I can't quite figure it out because I can't get it to work. So I've developed my own. It goes something like this:
  1. First hold Jo sideways with one arm tucked under your arm and bounce her for a few minutes. 
  2. If she fusses try to give her the binky. She may push it away. 
  3. Start bouncing.
    1. Bouncing variation 1: Bounce twice on one side and swing her to the other side and bounce twice again. Repeat. 
    2. Bouncing variation 2 (it's less of a bounce and more of a swing): Swing baby in your arms horizontally back and forth pretty quickly. Consider it a work out for your abs and arms.   
  4. Alternate between these two variations.  
  5. Try the binky again. You know she's on her way when her eyelids start to flutter. 
  6. Once her arms go limp keep bouncing/swinging her for a few more minutes and place her in the crib. She'll probably open her eyes a bit.
  7. Place your hand on her chest and gently jiggle her a little until she closes her eyes and spreads her arms out. 
  8. Jiggle for a few minutes before leaving the room.
  9. Step gingerly on the way out. 
Note: If all of this fails, swaddle her arms and try the binky and bouncing again.

Then minutes later when she wakes up again do it all over. 

The key here with either of our methods is persistence, or as Nick calls it: breaking her down. Not sure if she's breaking us down or if we're breaking her down. Hoping this phase passes soon!

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