Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby Friendly in Ravenswood

Last week we celebrated Nick's birthday at Fountainhead. It's one of his favorite beer joints and happens to be really close to our new place. AND it's baby friendly until 8pm. This is huge since now Nick and I can bring Jo along when we want yummy beer and food. Hopleaf isn't an option anymore since they are adult only -- they have three signs up to make sure you understand that. Fountainhead has a very similar beer menu, and there aren't the crowds that you see at Hopleaf. Much better in my opinion. There aren't any highchairs, but the service staff is super friendly and will bring you plenty of spoons if your child likes to play with them (Jo is a spoon maniac...and straws!).

The next morning we walked over to Over Easy -- a fabulous breakfast joint just minutes away from us now. The line is usually out the door on a weekend, but it's relatively empty at 7am (when they open). Since Jo wakes up at 6am, we were there as the doors opened. The server asked right away if they could bring anything for Jo and quickly replaced spoon after spoon as Jo dropped them on the floor. A highchair was brought over as soon as we sat down as well. The food was fast, but we weren't rushed. Jo even tried blueberries!

As far as I'm concerned both places get an A for being baby friendly.

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