Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Old and new

Last weekend we moved into our new apartment. It was surprisingly easy thanks to the four young strong men that Nick had come over to move the big stuff, and to my mama who helped with Jo. We have almost all of our boxes unpacked and all we have to do now is make it feel like home. It's getting there. I know where all of the light switches are now. I can also find my way from our room to Jo's room in the middle of the night with no lights or glasses on. That's progress.

I am sad to leave our old place on Ashland & Winona, though. Nick moved in in 2007 and I joined him in 2008. It was our first home together. It was where Johanna was born. It was where we learned the joys and headaches of home-ownership. It was a great place to start.

Despite all of the good stuff we are also very happy to leave. Ashland is a loud street. We had no air conditioning and very little outdoor space. It was too small. We needed to upgrade.

So now we're living on Wolcott & Argyle. We have three bedrooms (which means I have an office), two sunrooms (which means Nick has an office), two bathrooms, central air, and a washer/dryer. No, it doesn't have the same ring as Ashland & Winona, but it will do. It will do just fine.


  1. Wolcott and Argyle sounds english. Like you've moved to the English countryside! I'm picture Johanna riding a goat.

  2. They don't ride goats in England, they ride llamas.