Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun with Shibori -- Part 2 -- Dyeing

As promised, here is part two of my shibori experiment: DYEING!

I had to make sure we had the right tools: bowls, measuring spoons and cups, plastic bags, rubber gloves, etc... My mama had given me dyes from Dharma Trading, but you can get them a number of places.

 Apparently I was really excited about this project.
Be very precise with measuring. My handy dandy book gave us basic amounts for different color saturation levels.
Grace, my lovely assistant, stood by and carefully monitored the process. 
Notice the kiddy pool in the background? That's where we soaked the fabrics before dyeing. 
Grace became an expert at measuring and pouring water. 
Then the fabric goes in!
 Have to make sure the dye distributes properly. That sounds super official, right?
It looks like this when you take it out. Kind of weird looking. 
 Look at this determination!
After we dyed, we put the fabrics in a plastic bag (one bag per dye color) and set them in the sun for a few hours. The waiting is the hardest. 

Part 3: The Reveal is up next!

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