Monday, December 19, 2011

Girl talk

I read How to Talk to Little Girls (by Lisa Bloom) on The Huffington Post while I was pregnant. A friend re-posted the link on Facebook recently, and I read it again. I just love it!

There is so much emphasis on beauty for little girls. Just watch an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras or even America's Next Top Model. We all contribute. I've even noticed myself saying, "You're so cute," or "You're so pretty" to Jo. Which is fine, I think, as long as I'm also praising her other attributes (which are plentiful).

Now there's nothing wrong with being pretty, but we're doing our baby girls a disservice if that is the first or only trait we focus on. I have the chance to raise a baby girl who is beautiful inside and out: a baby girl who is confident and not afraid to be herself, a baby girl who is proud of her accomplishments and successes in all aspects of her life, a baby girl who is smart, sophisticated, and savvy. So I will encourage her daily to be her beautiful self. This is what I will tell her today.
Baby Jo, you are so beautiful, but only because you are all of these things too: 

You are so strong. You were born that way. You kick and kick and kick and stretch your arms and kick again. I just know that you'll be running circles around your dad and me before long. You are very opinionated as well. You know exactly what you like and what you don't, and you sure let us know.

You are so smart. You can recognize your dad and mama. You are already babbling and saying amazing things. I love it when I'm singing to you and you start to sing along. You tell your grandmas fabulous stories. I have a feeling you'll always have something to say.

You are so funny. Sometimes I hear your dad laughing out loud when he plays with you. I think you're telling him jokes. You make the most hilarious faces. You'll be hamming it up for years to come (just like your mama and her family).

You are so caring and compassionate. You love to snuggle. When I have a rough day you coo and smile to show me that you love me.

I just love you!


  1. I love this- almost made me cry!

  2. this is beautiful. she is just like you!

  3. I loved How to Talk to Little Girls, & I love this!

  4. This warmed my heart. I love all of it. And Johanna.