Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For Keeps

Jo had a pair of Keep shoes that we somehow lost. I have no clue where they are and I loved them so much.  Seriously, I am so so sad. Of course I got them on Zulily a long time ago and now they are out of stock. I'm actually willing to buy a new pair at full price since they were so awesome. Ta-daa!
Benten Purple Mayan
Of course, I can't just stop there. Here are few other pairs I'm putting on Jo's wishlist:

From top left (clock-wise): Green Benten, Ramos Guitar Strap, Ramos Tick Tock, Guerra Black & Blue Check

I also discovered that they make grown-up shoes as well. Yippee! I'm putting these on my list for Spring shopping:
The Homer Swiss Dot
Holy crap -- I love love love these:
Animal Collective

Keep is such a super cool company. All shoes are vegan and cruelty-free. The unisex styles are perfect for the whole family. Here is a snippet from their website:
Keep is a shoe company, an amalgam of interests, a way of being, a force, a language, a family and many other things.
All pics are taken from the Keep website.

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