Friday, January 11, 2013

My Toolbox

I was looking at the tools I use all the time when I sew and thought I could share with you. If nothing else, it allowed me to take inventory of the items I have.

1. I use tape mostly to tape patterns that I rip. It happens -- especially when Jo accidentally gets into my sewing room. I also use tape as a stitch guide if needed. Or to tape notes to my patterns. I do that a lot. See item 9.
2. This is the Gingher scissors I got from my costume shop supervisor (Jan) at Gustavus when I graduated. We used snippers like this every day. The ribbon is for draping the scissors around your body so you always have it. So smart!
3. My Clover bias-tape maker is awesome. I can make bias-tape that matches (or contrasts) whatever I'm working on.
4. Tape measure: I like to measure things. I like to be accurate.
5. This is the best seam ripper in the world! It's ergonomic so it's super comfortable to rip seams. I tend to rip seams often when testing out a new pattern. If I make a mock-up I can rip the seams out and use it again as a pattern.
6. Obviously, there is a lot of cutting involved with sewing projects. I usually cut a bunch of things out at once, so this Fiskars scissors makes it a little easier on my hand since it is spring-loaded.
7. Seam gauge: I like to measure things. I like to be accurate.
8. Pins! I prefer these ball-point pins. Bright colors are the best. I (usually) always see them before sewing over them.
9. Sticky notes are great for sticking notes on things...hehehe. I'll write a note and stick it to a pattern or a piece of fabric. I'll also tape the notes on just to make sure they don't fall off. Or I write notes to myself.

What are your favorite crafting tools?

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