Tuesday, August 27, 2013

R&D - leggings

I've been working on a bigger leggings pattern (2T-4T). I'm finding as Jo grows that she doesn't get much bigger around the waist, but her legs just get longer. That means that I can't just take the baby leggings pattern I've been using and enlarge it. Toddlers (for the most part) have a very different body shape than babies. So here we go.

I'll be trying the leggings on other babies besides Jo, but for now she's our only "fit" baby. This is the first try.
For the 2T size I need to add to the length in the leg and also to the rise in front and back and then they'll be perfect!
 Jo gets treats when she models for me. Maybe one day she'll do it just because she wants to help me out...
The top is a pattern I'm work-shopping as well. I think it's super cute. Also working on a 3/4 length sleeve for Fall.
Wahoo! Back to work.