Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby Friendly in Indiana

Indiana is a short drive from Chicago, especially when there's zero traffic. When Nick and I first met he was finishing up a degree at Purdue so we both did the Chicago/Indiana trek many times.

Nick happens to be a beer guy and loves 3 Floyds which is located in Munster, Indiana. He's been to Dark Lord Day (ominous sounding, right?) many a time, but has never actually been inside the brew-pub. So he wanted to bring the fam for some good beer and good eats.

3 Floyds is surprisingly very baby friendly considering their tough image. Babies and kids are totally allowed. As soon as we sat down a server brought over a high chair. No one glanced sideways at us even when Jo was throwing Cheerios on the floor or banging her sippy cup on the table (perhaps because the loud punk music drowned it out?). I also nursed Jo at our table with no problems. Big win in my book!

So go ahead and bring your fam to 3 Floyds -- just make sure to get there early as there is always a line. 

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