Monday, August 27, 2012

Protect that noggin!

Apparently It's Helmet Day for me. I saw this super cool motorcycle helmet this morning:

Also, I discovered Belle Helmets last night and had to share today! First off, you should wear a helmet when you bike. I know that not all bike helmets are very pretty, but I love my helmet because it's super sleek and sexy. Yeah, I just called a bike helmet sleek and sexy. But seriously, mine is matte black and round and totally cool. But Belle Helmets even beat mine in the coolness factor. These helmets are totally rockin'!  Good looking helmets are out there, people. Here's proof.

So every Belle Helmet is hand-painted by the founder/owner Danielle Baskin. She can paint on a motorcycle, ski, or snowboarding helmet or she can even paint on a helmet you already own.

Here are my Belle faves:

Orange. It's all about the details. I love the little produce sticker you see in the bottom left corner.

Oak Woodgrain. Not sure why, but this helmet reminds me of my Grandpa Don. He would call people roundheads. For some reason I look at this helmet and think: knucklehead. I would totally wear this helmet. Does that make me a knucklehead?
Tarot Card - Major Arcana. There's something soft and romantic about this helmet, but it's hard and sturdy and protects your head. Nice juxtaposition. Plus I like tarot cards.

Phrenology Chart. Here's where it gets real, folks. Phrenology is a pseudoscience primarily focused on measurements of the human skull. And this is a helmet with a phrenology chart on it that goes on YOUR HEAD! Love it.

Très belle!

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