Friday, August 3, 2012

Nursing bras to the rescue

More fun for World Breastfeeding Week!

It's hard for me to find a bra that fits and feels good. It's even harder to find a nursing bra that fits and feels good. Probably because I have a baby making it difficult for me to get out and shop so I order bras online and hope they fit only to return them and order another size (and repeat if necessary).

Then I found Bravado! -- specifically the Allure and Body Silk. I just love them!

Allure Underwire  Nursing Bra
The reviews on Amazon are spot on. The Allure is a fantastic bra: sturdy, comfortable, and even pretty (not a common trait in many nursing bras). No seams to show through your clothes and the underwire doesn't poke you in the armpit. The material isn't the softest, but I always wear nursing pads so that doesn't bother me at all. The cup size runs small so order one size up.

Body Silk Seamless Soft Cup Nursing Bra

The Body Silk is so soft and (yes, I'll say it) silky. For a soft cup bra it has tremendous support and doesn't create the uni-boob that many soft cup and sports bras can. I could wear this bra all day and all night.

These bras are a bit pricier than many of the bras at maternity stores (running around $45-$50 each), but they are sooooooooooo totally worth it, especially if you plan on nursing for a while.

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