Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nipple Freak

When my family was here for Christmas, my mama brought my first baby book (I have three since I'm the oldest and had the most pictures taken of me). We flipped through the book and oooh'd and aaaaah'd at how cute I was, but more importantly, picked out the pictures that look the most like Baby Jo. She certainly has my eyes. I'll scan a few in and post them in a different post.

This is the picture I was actually looking for. This is me with my Grandpa Don (my dad's dad). If you can't read it, my onesie says, "nipple freak." I certainly was. I so wish this onesie was in the bag of clothes I got from my mama from when I was a baby. Sadly, it was not.

The reason I wanted to find this picture is to celebrate the healing of my nipples! (Sorry to any of you that don't want to read about my nipples. Any sort of body modesty flew out the window when I was having Jo.) You heard it here first, folks, my nipples have healed! It's party-time. Jo's loving it too.


  1. Don was in love with you. We can have Liv make a silkscreen of Nipple Freak and print them for Lilla Barn. Yeah.

  2. I love this photo. Yes, I want to make nipple freak shirts! They would be incredibly easy.