Friday, January 6, 2012

Poop Patrol

So we're using cloth diapers. Mostly. Jo gets disposables sometimes at night or when we're traveling, but for the most part we're using cloth.

Before Jo was born, Nick and I discussed the diaper situation. We were both leaning towards cloth for various reasons: it's cheaper than disposables, a little easier on the environment (depending on your washing machine), and most importantly, we imagined that soft cloth would feel soooooo much better on Baby Jo's bottom. Nick said that he would definitely want cloth diapers if he was wearing them. My only drawback was not wanting to deal with the poop, so Nick volunteered to be on poop patrol. He said, "Don't buy a diaper sprayer, I'll just use a spatula from the kitchen." Um...ok.

Now that we're three months in, I really really really like using cloth. We've experimented with a couple different kinds and gDiapers seem to work perfectly for us. I love the bright colors of the covers, and they're slimmer than the bulk of prefolds so her booty isn't crazy big.

We're using the gDiaper cloth inserts (although I've found that a prefold will actually fit quite well too). The biodegradable inserts are great, but I prefer the cloth. There's something really satisfying about not throwing anything away during a diaper change. I mean, it's really satisfying. And cloth + bio insert = perfect for nighttime. 

When the gDipes are in the laundry we use prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers with various covers (the kind with gussets and snaps are my favorites). Actually, BBJ (before Baby Jo) Green Mountain Diapers was a super valuable resource since I knew nothing about cloth besides the safety pins and rubber pants my mother used for us. I don't know if I'd make it with cloth if we had to use the pins and rubber pants. 

Wet bags make changing on the go easy. Not even the poop bothers me. Whenever there's a blow-out we just laugh. I'm not even grossed-out. It's hilarious. How weird is that? And since breastfed-baby poop is water soluble it's actually really easy to deal with -- just rinse dipes in a cold rinse in the washing machine before a hot/cold cycle. I'll put Nick on poop-duty when we start solids.

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