Thursday, January 19, 2012

Holy baby, Batman!

So Nick's favorite superhero is Batman. We have Batman comics on Jo's bedroom wall -- it used to be Nick's office and we didn't change much. This is one of four vintage comic book covers that we had framed, and it's my favorite. I told Nick he could put Batman on the wall as long as Poison Ivy was included.

When I was making super cute baby clothes before Jo was born I wanted to make a few outfits that Nick would love to dress Jo in as well. So I whipped up these little pants.

Then my sister, Liv, surprised us with this awesome Batman onesie that she printed herself (in two sizes).

Oh yeah, and I also made a pair of matching Batman shorts for Nick...I just haven't gotten a picture of them quite yet.

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  1. I think these kinds of posts would be great on Lila Barn. Makes me want to buy the ensemble knowing these personal facts!