Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free jeans!

Well, sort of free jeans -- old jeans that I've made new again. I've been purging my closet in an effort to get a lot of crap out of our condo, and I found some old jeans that just fit. This is amazing since I'm in between sizes right now and can't seem to find anything in my closet that fits. The only problem is that there was a hole in the leg (which was probably cool the last time I wore them). So I fixed it!

I remember the way my mama would patch up pants when I was younger so I just used her method. Here's a peek at what I did. This is my first follow-along post so hang in there with some of the photos.

Cute jeans. Ugly hole.

First I picked out the fabric I wanted to use for my patch and cut a piece that was slightly larger than the actual hole. You'll see that I decided not to be subtle with my color choices.
Next I cut a matching piece of iron-on interfacing.
Guess what I did next...yep, I ironed on the interfacing to the patch piece.
Then I turned my jeans inside out and pinned my patch in place.
Now comes the fun part. I stitched like crazy! Like I mentioned before, I chose bold colors. I wanted to use neon pink thread to contrast with the green fabric, but I'm out. So I used orange instead (it also happened to be what was on my bobbin). I used cream thread on the inside since that was also what was on my machine. Let's see how it looks right side out.
Looks like I need to do a bit more stitching directly over the hole, so I used pins as guidelines and stitched away again.
When I was satisfied with my stitching I clipped around the patch on the inside to remove some of the bulk.
Flip them right-side-out again and tada! I have seriously been wearing these jeans all week.
Here's my sewing station which also doubles as our dining room table. It actually is cleaner than it was earlier today.


  1. I remember having so many jeans like this! It makes me want to cut a hole in my jeans just so I can sew them back up.