Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've mentioned before that Nick and I took a Bradley Method childbirth class before Jo was born. It was super informative and was actually a huge contributor in our home birth decision. Our class lasted nine weeks (yep, nine weeks), but we felt extremely knowledgeable and as prepared as possible for our birth when we were done -- Nick and I both like information. We also met some really lovely families.

A few weeks ago we had a Bradley reunion with many of the families from our class. It was delightful to see the other moms and dads again and to meet the new babies that we had been preparing for. We talked about our birth stories and our new routines and feeding babies cookies and egg yolks and working and childcare and in-laws and a bunch of other things. Most importantly, we did a lot of staring at all of the amazing babies we made.

L-R: Vanessa & Jaxon, Lindsey & Alex, Jo & me, Kristina & Gus

Jo had a great time making new friends.

Jo and Gus get acquainted

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  1. I think Gus might have Jo beat in the chubs department!