Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm so proud

The other day our Tuesday sitter (we have four babysitters we juggle) said, "You know, I babysit two other babies the same age as Jo and she is the easiest. She is so sweet."

Baby Jo is so lovely for Nick and me, so it's nice to know that she is delightful for others too.

My mama has always pointed out that Jo is such a good baby. It's true. Jo is sweet and loving and snuggly and strong and smart. And that's not all. Here are a few other things I love about her:
  • I love how she buries her head into me when she's happy. 
  • Her smile could melt even the coldest of hearts.
  • When she talks, her voice is soft and gentle unless she's excited, and then she squeals.
  • She just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 
  • I see so much of Nick in her. 
  • She's super tactile -- touching everything she can, feeling for texture, scratching it with her nails.
  • Last night she slept through the night. 
  • Sitting and standing are her favorite things to do. And she's really good at them.

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