Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today we made cake balls. I've documented our process for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

1. Make a cake -- I had help. We made two: one red velvet and one almond. You can use a cake mix or not. We didn't.
2. Lick the beaters/spatula/scraper. Bake the cake(s)...
 ...or pose.
 3. Let the cake(s) cool. You'll notice that the red velvet cake isn't red. We didn't add red food coloring. I also forgot something else, because it didn't quite rise correctly. We don't know what's missing. It sure tasted fine.
 4. Make frosting. We made a cream cheese frosting for the red velvet and an almond butter cream for the almond cake. The reinforcements helped.
 5. Crumble the cake and mix in the frosting. I think we added too much frosting to the almond cake. I'm guessing that 1 1/2 cups is just the right amount. Stir it up!
6. Make little balls.
7. Chill the balls. While you're chilling, melt some chocolate. We did both white and dark. Dip the balls in the chocolate. You can use sticks or toothpicks or shish kebob spikes or nothing at all. 
8. It's a good thing Mama had sprinkles in her cupboards otherwise these would have been really ugly cake balls. We added sprinkles before the chocolate hardened. They were still a little funny looking.
9. Enjoy. Delish!