Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Bar

Nick and I were cleaning maniacs today. He did the windows and I did the floors. We vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen and washed the rugs and scoured the bathroom. Our place is finally ready for the stager who comes tomorrow. Woohoo! So after a long day of working and cleaning, Nick wanted to go to Hopleaf for a celebratory beer. Does Nick ever need an excuse to go to Hopleaf? Short answer: no.

So we took a family walk, bought dish soap at Walgreens, got ice cream (for me), and then headed into Hopleaf, where we were instantly stopped by the bartender and told, "No children." He was scowling and he said it in a way that sounded like, "Are you seriously trying to bring a baby into Hopleaf? I can't believe you're even trying to bring a baby into Hopleaf. Seriously, people. There are no babies in Hopleaf." I was quite peeved -- not only at the policy, but also at the attitude we were given. 

I felt discriminated against. Sometimes parents want to go have a beer and have to bring the baby with. It was, in fact, a family outing. Parents are people too. I can't believe I just said that. 

So I know not everyone wants to have kids running around or babies screaming while they have fun adult time, but Jo is super well-behaved. And we're in Hopleaf quite frequently...or rather Nick is in Hopleaf quite frequently. And I've taken Jo into other bars before (before you judge, these other times have been during the afternoon and I've only had one drink). I'm still annoyed. 

It it's a legal thing, that's fine, I get it, but drop the 'tude. If it's a management thing, that's stupid, oh yeah, and drop the 'tude. I know my complaining isn't going to change anything. My boycotting certainly isn't going to slow their business at all. So yeah, not much we could do except go somewhere else. Which we did. And I had a lovely Basil Hayden on the rocks. Yum. And Jo was adorable and lovely and flirted with the bartender. 

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