Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Home Improvement - Lessons Learned

As I've mentioned before, Nick and I are getting our place ready to sell. We need more space. We're trying to be as proactive as possible. So we've hired a real estate agent who suggested staging our condo to make it look amazing. We hired the stager that she recommended and the work was done yesterday. Nick and I were both underwhelmed with the staging and a bit frustrated with the staging company in general. Here are a few things we've learned:
  1. First come to terms with the fact that your home is no longer your home. This is a big one.
  2. Always ask to see pictures of previous projects the stager has done.
  3. Always ask for references. Call the references.
  4. Always ask to see pictures of the furniture the stager plans to use in your home.
  5. You may not like the furniture/art that the stager uses. Decide whether that's a big deal to you.
  6. If you want to be involved in the staging (we did as we are still living in our place) make sure you communicate that with the stager.
  7. Only allow the stager to do their thing without you if you trust them implicitly. 
  8. Make sure the contact person you have had with the staging company is present on the day of the staging. If you don't, a team you have never met may show up and start handling all of your things. This may not bother you. It bothered us. 
  9. Communicate with the stager if you have had any recent work done so they don't damage anything that you may have to re-repair or repaint. Ask that if they make any holes in the walls that they repair and repaint them.
  10. Your home is a super personal thing. If things don't go as planned, try not to get super emotional.

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