Thursday, April 12, 2012


Well, nothing like a well-baby visit to our family doctor to bump up my confidence. Today was Jo's six month check-up and it couldn't have gone better. Here are a few things our doctor actually said today:
  1. Wow, look at that baby! She's amazing.
  2. She's so social. Look at how she looks at me and smiles.
  3. She's got such an amazing grip. She's so strong.
  4. Speaking to me: 
    1. Look at how skinny you are! Most of my moms aren't even close to their pre-baby weight after six months.
    2. You have the strongest biceps from picking up this baby all day. 
    3. You have done such a great job. This is truly a labor of love and you're doing it. Good job, kid.
  5. Speaking to Jo: 
    1. You should come back and show all the other six month old babies how to behave at the doctor. 
    2. Take care of your mama now!
I know you're waiting to hear the highlights:
  1. Jo weighs 20 pounds, 14 ounces and is 27 inches long. This is about the size of a normal 12 month old.
  2. Jo is extremely coordinated for being such a big baby. She can sit up and balance on un-even surfaces. Our doctor was super impressed. I thought this was just normal.
  3. Jo got her second shot today. The first time she looked at the nurse and smiled and didn't even notice. This time she actually giggled at the doctor after he gave her the shot. Seriously, this kid cracks me up. She's so brave.
I left the appointment this morning walking on air. I'm sure the doctor tells all the mamas that their babies are amazing, but secretly I'm believing that he doesn't. Nick and I are so lucky to have such a fabulous daughter. 


  1. way. You have an awesome kid and you deserved all of your accolades!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! We just love her.

  2. Yes, and I thought you were just a normal kid too!

  3. she is the BEST! Congrats on such an amazing baby ;)